The Lucrative Real Estate Investment Areas In London By District

The most promising areas for investment in London real estate in the current market are Battersea, Nine Elms and Vauxhall, as these areas are focusing on long-term, really financially attractive projects. In Battersea and Nine Elms a whole neighborhood is erected, here in just 10 minutes of walk you can reach Sloane Square in Chelsea. On the one hand it’s an expensive offer, but on the other, buying an apartment in London, in the new district, where 90% of the objects represent luxury housing, is the dream and goal of many. In addition, the area is very close to Chelsea, so the demand is very high, too.

london investment areas

The most famous and popular areas of London outside England are Chelsea and Belgravia. Not surprisingly, prices in Chelsea always grow, because the demand for apartments in Chelsea exceeds supply, and the interest of international investors to the maximum. Successful bankers and brokers in London give their preference to invest in real estate in Chelsea, and their families love this area for endless shopping opportunities, cafes and designer boutiques. The areas of Chelsea and Kensington boasts half of the 100 most expensive streets in London. For example, Kensington Square is the UK’s most expensive street, this is where the average price of real estate equals 5.5 million pounds.

It is also considered to be advantageous to invest in real estate area of Battersea, thanks to a good location, as well as a number of aspiring construction projects. Battersea is also considered one of the best areas in central London and has a gorgeous location on the River Thames. Over the past three years, the area scored the highest price of population growth in London. Currently, the area is planned for massive restructuring and by 2020 it is expected to actively rise in price of real estate. In addition, the planned construction of two new metro stations, eight complexes with restaurants and shopping centers is also approved.

The demand for new buildings in prime London was always greater than supply, so in these areas no new premises are built according to conveyance solicitors reports, although suddenly you may get lucky, and you will be able to buy an apartment in a small building in the prestigious location. For example, over the past 10 years, the first new premium in this area was Vicarage Gate in Kensington.

In central London, Liverpool Street was one of the first areas to be updated, so it is worth paying attention to this area of London and its surroundings. According to forecasts in five years the cost of real estate in Liverpool City could increase by 23%. Also the number of projects is actively constructed in the quarter of London Bridge: new homes, shops and business centers pop out.

The most promising area in south-east London is Greenwich. Experts say that real estate in this area will increase in price by 19.4% over the next five years. In the north-east of London one of the most promising districts is Stratford, where the 2012 Summer Olympic Games were held and around 2800 housing units have been built. According to experts, in the area prices will rise substantially, as in Greenwich, by 19%.